Principio de Esperanza

The Beginning of Hope for Honduras.

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Our model we call collaborative; working together with them to make the improvements needed and to provide for themselves within 5 years.  After that, we will be involved in consultation and duplication in other villages.

Support Honduras

Many mission endeavors in remote areas of third world countries are limited to contact that is incidental, just a stop on the way to somewhere else more populous, and superficial, just treating symptoms of lingering problems.  We at Principio want to change that in our projects.


Economic Development

Implement a five-year plan for the area is to start businesses in the Honduran cities and use part of the profits to support the mission projects. 


Safe, sanitary and secure housing is a priority in our community development program.

Medical Supplies

An inventory of supplies are purchased including an ongoing expense of about $150 per month.  Specified giving for this project will ensure the continuation of this program.

Tythe a Block

Blocks are made in a hand operated machine and some are set aside for residential use. The man making the blocks will continue selling blocks as a permanent job.

Church Roofs

Many villages have no church.  Locals can build the walls of adobe for no material expense, but a roof of metal is way out of reach for them.

School Supplies

Students need books with workbooks, supplies and a regular paycheck.  Pledged donations will supply a student with school needs plus a warm meal each day.

"Progress is always the function of increased cooperation."

~ Melvin Airhart