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Thank you so much for supporting me and the advancing love of God - Daisy Hill

Hi, I’m so happy you’re here!

I am so excited to finally reveal my outreach location! After so much prayer from the staff and I, it's with so much joy I get to announce to everyone that I will be headed to Europe for 12 weeks!In the beginning of April, I will be going to Pisa, Italy for 6 weeks and then to Canterbury, England for another 6 weeks. I'm so blessed that I get to do ministry and share Jesus with these people.

I am required to fundraise an additional $2,500 for outreach and I would feel so grateful if you would continue to partner with me financially.Through financial partnership, you are making a way for others who have never heard the gospel to encounter Christ for the first time and is a way for you to sew your finances into the Gospel. This is a beautiful investment into God and the Nations!On top of that, you're giving to bible translations, church-building and SO much more! Would you consider partnering with me financially to reach those no one is reaching?

Getting to be a part of missions is such a beautiful thing! Weather Its giving financially, supporting us through prayer & intercession or even potentially going on a team in the future, I cant explain how much that means to Jesus!

PRAYER! Some things you can be praying for this upcoming trip are:

GIVING RESOURCES- open hearts and minds to receiving the gospel

- housing and transportation in europe

- finances- provision and guidance in wherever God wants our team to be

Pisa, Italy

In Pisa, our focus will encompass a variety of ministries, with a special emphasis on church and youth group initiatives. This includes investing in local churches through the avenues of hospitality and the arts. Given our commitment to education, we'll also be actively involved in an after-school program, contributing to teaching English to children. Additionally, our outreach extends to street and homeless ministry, with a particular focus on aiding Ukrainian refugees, fostering a holistic approach to community support.

Why Italy?

Pisa, Italy, has a rich collection of cathedrals and baptisteries at its core, attracting a diverse stream of tourists. Despite 61% of Italians identifying as church-goers, only 3% report a personal relatironship with Jesus. Moreover, the influx of tourists from varied backgrounds presents a unique opportunity for individuals to encounter Christ in a fresh and transformative manner.

Why England?

Since November 1st, 2023, more than 118,000 predominantly illegal immigrants, mainly from the Islamic community, have entered London through the Channel and on foot. The city has unfortunately become a terrorism hotspot due to conflicts between UK citizens and immigrants. Additionally, England's vibrant club culture has contributed to a significant decline in the Christian population, dropping from 71% to 46% over the past two decades.

Why Missions?

My passion for missions is rooted in the simplicity of Jesus' commandment found in Matthew 28. In this passage, he grants all authority and instructs us to go, making disciples worldwide, baptizing in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and teaching them His commands. We are blessed with a relational God who values time with each person globally, fostering community within the body of Christ. Growing up in America, I've had easy gospel access, but many worldwide don't. Whether in Panama, Italy, or Colorado, everyone deserves access to the gospel. Jesus calls us to GO into ALL nations, and I am committed to fulfilling this command by making disciples.

Canterbury, England

Engaging in various ministries in England, our efforts extend towards support for African and Middle Eastern refugees, addressing the needs of the homeless community, and undertaking the exciting venture of establishing a new YWAM base. As we immerse ourselves in these endeavors, our broader vision involves centralizing a location within England. Here, we believe our ministry will create a powerful impact, acting as a beacon from which God's love will flow from.

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